Can I stay on my parents’ car insurance

Most teenagers are not concerned about the cost of car insurance. They only think about the insurance when they have to move far away from home. When young people usually want independence and move out, they decide to have their insurance policy. 

When I will allow me to use my parents’ car insurance

However, you will not get your car insurance policy unless you have completed college. Many families permit their teenage drivers to use their parent’s auto insurance policy until their teens are graduates; suppose that the boy/girl is looking for a job or lives away from home. 

After all, you may know that car insurance is sold per household, and every person in the family is insured, and the insurance company allows everyone to drive. 

On the other hand, when you move out and live in a new address, you should purchase your policy. However, if the insurance companies think you are dependent, you can stay with your parents’ insurance policy.

Some insurance companies offer more flexibility or acceptance to young people who are in their parental plans.

Generally, you will be considered dependent if:

  • You go to college and stay at home or at least live there part-time.
  • Drive your parents’ insurance car.

Although not all insurance companies will define “dependent” in the same way, they will be defined somewhat differently. 

When I need to use my car insurance policy 

But when you stay at home and buy a car that you are considered the vehicle owner, you have to purchase your own car insurance. 

Please do not pretend that you stay with your parents and it’s not a good idea. Obviously, your car insurance company will investigate where you live. If they find that you are not living together with your parents, they will give you zero coverage when you drive and get into an accident.

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How I can get my parents’ insurance easily

Young adult drivers should focus on their positive credit rating. Sometimes the auto insurance company considers an applicant’s credit score.

If you have a solid credit history and a clean driving record, you have an excellent chance to use your parents’ car insurance.

How long can I stay on my parents’ car insurance?

There are no age limits for you to stay in your parents’ auto insurance policy only if as long as you stay with them. When you change your address and do not live with your parents, you should go with your own policy. Otherwise, the insurance company will not provide any coverage if you have an accident with your parents’ insurance car.

How cheap to use parents’ car insurance?

If you are not over the age of 25 and also do not a good driving record, it will be perfect to use your parents’ car insurance policy. On the other hand, it is cheaper to be on the parental policy.

Sometimes insurance providers increase the installments rates a little bit for young drivers to reduce the risk.


Getting your parents’ car insurance is not a big deal, but you have to follow some rules for this. If you want hassle-free parent car insurance, then follow this article and go for it.