Who Is Responsible If a Ball Hits Your Car?

A car can be damaged in hundreds of dissimilar ways. A golf ball, baseball, soccer ball, and others can all cause destruction to a automobile if they make contact with sufficient speed. It is not uncommon for a car to get hit by a ball at a sporting event or throughout the neighborhood pickup game.

So what occurs if a ball hits your car and damages the windshield or puts a dent in the body? Who pays for the repair? It can vary depending on the condition and the people involved. Insurance can play a role in maintenances if the out-of-pocket expense is too high.

File a Claim on Car Insurance

You can file a claim on your car insurance policy if you have comprehensive coverage recorded at the time the automobile is damaged. Your comprehensive deductible will put on. If the damage continued to the automobile is lower than the deductible, your insurance will not pay any money for maintenances.

How a Claim Affects Car Insurance Rates

Many insurance carriers do not surcharge for comprehensive claims. Many do instigate surcharging if you file 3 comprehensive claims in a 3 year period, however, and some insurance carriers surcharge for all claims with comprehensive. It is best to check with your insurance carrier to confirm how they handle surcharging for different types of claims.

Who Pays the Deductible

Often, out of moral obligation, the at-fault being who hit, kicked, or threw the ball will come forward and offer to pay for the destruction or the deductible. The deductible can be a inexpensive way to go for the person who caused the destruction. Unfortunately, you are going to have a hard time compelling the at-fault person to pay up. If they are unwilling to take accountability, you will be on your own—unless you want to follow the issue in small claims court.

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File a Claim on a Homeowner’s Policy

The at-fault party can file a claim on their homeowner’s policy for liability if the incident happened on their property. Many home policies do not have a deductible on liability. However, the surcharge on a home-based policy can be steep at your next regeneration due to filing a claim, and this surcharge can last 3 years on home insurance policies. Often, paying out of pocket is the inexpensive route to go.

Home-based policies of the at-fault party cover grown-ups and children in accidental mishaps, but intentional destruction is usually not covered. And, for your info, the home owner’s policy will not cover destruction your children caused to your automobile!

Damage Arises at a Baseball Stadium or Golf Course

Most likely, you will need to file a claim on your car insurance policy below comprehensive coverage if your automobile is damaged at a baseball ground or golf course. You probably will not know who produced the damage and the ground or course will not accept liability.

It positively would not hurt to bring it to the stadium or golf course’s attention. If they did not provide proper netting or other needed safety measures, you could bring in a lawyer and possibly have a case. In most cases, though, the cost of the damage won’t warrant these steps—it will be more hassle than it’s price.

Chances are, even if you know who produced the damage, you will not be able to go afterward them. It is a risk you take when parking anyplace that you know could be in the line of fire. Keep comprehensive coverage on your automobile at all times if you are concerned with the potential for physical destruction to your automobile.