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Young Drivers on the Go: Tips for Your Car Insurance

So you’re a young people who’s just got your first car. Congratulations, but remember, a great power comes with a great responsibility. Yes, you can have fun and drive around town with your friends, go anywhere you like, but you have to think further. While some young drivers are included in their mom and dad’s insurance, you might want to register for your own car insurance if you really travel a lot with your new ride. Also, make it cheap since you’re still living with your parents—maybe?

Plan Ahead

As a youngster, you need to think as a visionary. Before picking out your ride with your dad or mom in the showroom, make sure that you understand the consequences—meaning, the car insurance. As you know—or not know—car insurance varies widely and it depends on the type of car you buy. A used car will usually get a higher insurance rate, but if you have calculated it right and it turns out cheaper than buying a more expensive new car, then go for it.

Add A Named Driver

To guarantee your safety, you will be needing a named driver for your to-be-insured cars, such as your dad, mom, or older siblings. This doesn’t mean you’ll be backed out from being the main driver of the vehicle, but the named driver will ensure that you’re under supervision, which will add safety point on your car. However, don’t let your mom or dad claims that they’re the main driver even if it’s you who primarily travels by car. This can be a fraud and you won’t be able to get your claim later.

Don’t Pimp Your Ride

One of your dreams might be in the show with Xzibit and get your ride pimped, but if you’re concerned about your parents and their money, let go of the dream. More changes or modifications, especially if it is the security ones—which is not making them better—the more you will be charged. This also applies with every other modification, which is required for the company to know. This will be one of their factor on calculating the insurance rate.

Young Drivers Insurance Scheme

As you know, statistically, young drivers are more likely to get into an accident than the older ones, which is why their car insurance rates are higher. Young drivers will be considered as a more risky customer, so they tend to increase the rate to cover for you later when you get into an accident. If you want to prove that you’re not one of those young drivers in the statistic, you probably want to use young drivers insurance schemes. It is pretty much the same as the black box in airplanes. It uses some special recording devices in order to collect information about how you drive. If you’re qualified as a lesser risk, you will get a lower rate.

Driver Safe and Drive With the Law Talking about risk, you need to lower it down by driving safely and stay within the law. Don’t get emotional—which is more likely happened to younger people—while driving, sleep first when you need to travel a long distance, and don’t get intoxicated while driving. Ask your friend to drive you home or hail a cab instead after a big party.